a man of few words and little wisdom.


this is now an Autocad VBA code site emphasizing mathematical programming. I have some experience but want to be thought of as an interested hobbyist.  I have used autocad continuously since 1986. i have a degree with 10 or so programming classes. My first language was autolisp followed by VBA and VB6. i have done a fairly large Inventor VBA project but currently interested in the Excel – VBA – Autocad connection. I have dabbled with .Net but have not slayed the beast. My final project for school was in .Net so i am expecting that to eventually return.

‘note this site for educational purpose only
‘there is no guarantee for it to do anything.
‘terry priest 9-19-2015

i apologize for the inevitable errors, i hope they are small, and i hope you let me know about them so i can correct them. this is a learning process.

here is a handy link for the best latex reference i have found (math formula formatting)

as of 5-2-2016, i am having some formatting issues. i have 81 blog posts i made with featured images, but the width of the body is too narrow. i found a blog post that listed the default width in pixels of different themes. I selected a new one i like but it did not show featured images, which in many cases were my key image for the post.

this is an old link, many of the themes are no longer available.

i dont know how much more effort i am going to put into the free version of wordpress hosted on the wordpress server. The new editor mangles code. But it was easier to move the featured image to the body of the post with the new editor. However now i have to go back and clean up quoted strings using the old editor. too much effort to get around an editor evidently designed for typing with thumbs on a phone. Meantime none of the pages are exactly the same as i typed them initially.

Case “PLine”
turns into

Case "PLine"

holy heck i updated below and the quote above fixed itself.

 update- 7-17-2017 this just rambles on

i have not had time lately for code posting, i still have many ideas and ambitions but it may be a few months before i return to active posting.

update – 4-20-2019 I realize i should stop complaining about free wordpress behaviour, which is awful, and move it to my personal website. period.


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  1. I don’t know how I reached this webpage, but I have enjoyed so much that I have to download it all for an slow and deep analysis (because WP sucks, my CPU was burning everytime I load the page, and so it keeps until it closes).
    I want to regard you for your effort and the imagination you put on the articles, really made my day.

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