Table of Contents 101-

Autocad VBA Logo Turtle Class Module
Autocad Help System for Lisp and VBA (ActiveX)
AutoLisp 2.5
Lisp Parabola
Autocad DCL Dialog Forms
AutoLisp DCL Equation Graphing
Curve Catalog
Lisp Setup
Make Block with ActiveX
Axis Lisp and Utilities
Specific Method for Parametric Drawing Programs
Excel VBA -> Autocad Basics
Using Move, Copy with AcadSelectionSet
DimStyles and TextStyles
If Euclid had Autocad
Euclid Book 1 Proposition 2
Euclid Book 1 Proposition 3
A Table is an Array
Autocad Point Variable
Analytic Geometry 1
Vector Class in Autocad VBA
3D Vector Class
3D Vector Angle
Vector Class Tweaks
More Turtle Graphics
Turtle Basic 2019
Approximating the Circle
Test of Latex Formatting
Polygon Circle
Spherical coordinates
The Dot Product
3D Line – part 1
Vectors in the Plane
3D Line – part 2
Direction Cosines
Point Data
Parametric Dimensioning
L = N x C + 2R
AddLine Absolute and Relative Variations
Strings as Symbols
Autocad Text Class
A Better More Complex Text Class
Acad Table — Array — Excel Sheet
set bom_record = bom_records.add(strkey)