A little Problem with Arrowheads

we will get to that later.

Plotting a plane

Ax + By + Cz + D = 0

difficult to see in a single view.
using arbitrary values, A=2 B=3 C=4 D=5

a plane is defined by 3 points, but the equation for a plane is derived from a single point and the direction numbers for a 3D line that is perpendicular to the plane. so given the equation for a plane, find at least 3 points in the plane.

we can set any 2 of the 3 variables xyz to zero and solve for the third to get 3 points where the plane intercepts the axes.

(-D/A, 0, 0)
(0, -D/B, 0)
(0, 0, -D/C)

we can set one variable to zero and solve to get an equation for a 2D line in the coordinate axis plane, then choose reasonable numbers for the minimum and maximum of the dependent variable.

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