Vector Class Tweaks

I have been working on Vector class VBA code to draw Autocad lines as vectors. The first version separated 2D and 3D vectors into two different classes. One reason to do this is the vector angle is figured differently. Another is I wanted to use a 2D or a 3D arrow head. Many math books, analytic geometry or calculus, introduce them in two different chapters. The goal is to make VBA vector algebra notation as similar as possible to math notation. Or at least readable. Now I have combined the classes, just ignoring any difficulty, to eliminate duplicated code, while i use and tweak. I also removed the addition and scalar multiplication from the class module to make the parameter list complete and not a function of one of the vectors (tho for mult this was not necessary, it will be useful for dot product). A work in progress. I will post code when i am satisfied with it.


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