Autocad Help System for Lisp and VBA (ActiveX)

I have found the front end pages for Autocad programming languages VBA (ActiveX) and Lisp (Visual Lisp). Here is my big suggestion. You can copy and paste an entire page of links into Excel and the links transfer. Use Excel to collate and organize Autodesk help bookmarks.

Autodesk splits both subjects into two groups – what they call a Guide which would be teaching text and a Reference which is a page by page Index. Visual Lisp is traditional Autocad Lisp plus ActiveX. So if you are looking for Visual Lisp help, you need to include the ActiveX references in your reading list.

As of 2017, Autodesk has returned “Developer Documentation” to its front end for Autocad 2017 help,

Following that link brings you to this page to be bookmarked,

If you copy and paste that page into excel, the links all transfer without any additional work. Here i have marked with asterisk the 5 critical pages.

you can then make tabs for guide and reference for both lisp and activeX. In a few minutes you have an upper level table of contents in a single file. as you explore the pages using the live links you can make notes or mark as read. you can make a reference to the entire page at the top of your excel sheet. Pages come in formatted with good links, you might have to reset column width and row height for entire sheet.


If you are looking for Visual Lisp code, it is in the ActiveX reference. Both groups ActiveX and Lisp have an Object Model page, but the Lisp page is not live, just a picture. The Object Model page for ActiveX has live links. You do not need to paste that page into Excel, but it also pastes with live links, and you never have to go looking for it. You can have the Object Model with links in your spread sheet. Regardless how you access it, it is a very valuable tool.

As an example of its usefulness, say you want to know how to draw a circle with Visual Lisp.


Click on the Circle object. It takes you to Circle Object ActiveX help page. Which has the properties and methods of the object that is a circle, but it does not have the tool to draw a circle. The Addcircle is a method of ModelSpace, PaperSpace and Block. Click on ModelSpace, scroll down to the methods, and click on AddCircle. there you find the code to draw a circle in both VBA and Lisp. Code that you can paste into your VBA module or Lisp editor.

the object model –


* EDIT – unfortunately the ActiveX Reference page links did NOT copy from www into Excel. *
The other pages, lisp guide and reference, activex guide, and activex model links do work in excel.

and finally, autocad 2017 still installs two activex chm files on your hard drive with installation, the Guide and the Reference. You can also link to those.



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