Autocad Graphing Calculator

Autocad has Euclidean roots. Its a classic geometry tool. And it has VBA. It is not necessary to download and install the VBA module to have full access to VBA through Excel.

this blog online 1 year with 100 pages, approx, More to come.

i apologize for the old posts with messed up links and code mangling. wordpress changed their editor last year and between them and me changing the theme, we messed up a few pages that were ok when first published. i just noticed some new broken links.


Lissajous curves gone wrong. I unchecked the convert to Radians button in the Parametric form before graphing, so that Sin(360) is interpreted by VBA not as Sin(2 pi) but Sin(360) or in radians Sin(57 * 2 pi) approx, but more importantly the step increment between points instead of being 1 degree is 1 radian or 57 degrees.



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