Autocad VBA Font Tables

Tablestyles can be added and programmed without duplicating code by using a global variable for the AcadTableStyle object. This is a flexible method for getting a handle on them.

but first – make font tables in autocad – run a loop from 0 to 255 to advance the Chr(#), change the textstyle of the table style to instantly change the table.

Sub test_array_to_acadtable3()

'0 to 255 ascii table
'font style is set in the table style
'send the array to the maketable routine

Call connect_acad
Dim rows As Integer, i As Integer
Dim columns As Integer, j As Integer

rows = 16
columns = 16

Dim ar_mult() As String
ReDim ar_mult(1 To rows, 1 To columns)

For i = 1 To rows
For j = 1 To columns
ar_mult(i, j) = Chr((i - 1) * 16 + (j - 1))
Next j
Next i

Call makethetable3(ar_mult)
End Sub








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