Auto_Graph 1.0

Auto_Graph is an Autocad Graphing Calculator, written in Excel, using Autocad and Excel VBA objects.  It graphs Rectangular Coordinate Functions, Polar and Parametric Functions, using Autocad line and polylines.  The graphs obtained are much higher quality and more useful than those obtained from a graphing calculator. Autocad is a fully functional graphing engine designed from inception with the coordinate graphing system built-in. This project shows basic Autocad VBA functionality. It attempts to review some basic Mathematical graphing concepts. It shows the utility and flexibility of Autocad graphing, and also using Autocad as a mathematical illustration tool.

While Autocad at an approximate cost of $5000 is not going to make a $100 calculator obsolete, schools have available  educational pricing. The concepts shown here should work with any drafting software that implements VBA.

This current state of the program consists of 7 forms, one main, one form to draw the axis, and 5 graph forms – 3 rectangular coordinate, one polar and one parametric. I may release it in toto at some point, but all the important code has been released in the last 50 blog posts. The point was to develop and to educate, primarily myself.

In engineering we develop a drawing or a set of drawings to a quality level that we can release to a customer or fabricator without reservation. I am pretty satisfied with this program at this time.

For the future, i intend to revise the blog to resemble a book with table of contents more than a reverse chronological blog.











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