going to be fooling around with themes and graphics for a while…

ipsum lorem


A \alpha B \beta \Gamma \gamma \Delta \pi \Phi \phi \rho \Theta \theta

\leq \subset < > \geq = \approx \neq \parallel \in \perp \sphericalangle \notin \measuredangle

\pm \times \ast \div

\sin \cos \tan \cot \sec \csc

\sin \cos \tan \cot \sec \csc

\tan \theta + 2= \frac {\sin \theta} {\cos \theta} + 2


\frac {\sin \theta} {\cos \theta} + 2

y= \frac{x^2}{4p}


\alpha \beta \gamma \pi \phi \varphi\alpha \beta \Gamma \Pi \Phi \varphi

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>


type latex shortcode directly into the visual editor






code from wp plugin page
e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0
e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0
e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0

e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0
e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0
e^{\i \pi} + 1 = 0

wp-latex syntax

so we are looking for latex mathmode syntax

here it is, the list of math symbols is corresponding to what i am getting experimentally, indispensable reference here ->


anything referencing plugins is not directly applicable to the free wordpress version where plugins are not allowed (ie latex is provided automatically).  some of this code that doesnt parse is copy pasted from these sites.

seems good ->



+ - = ! / ( ) [ ] ; ) | ' :

 \forall x \in X, \quad \exists y \leq \epsilon










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