Autocad – VBA – Excel

Autocad is the standard 2D mechanical computer drafting program. I have used it on a daily basis almost 30 years. About 2008 Autodesk the company that produces it announced it would no longer provide VBA standard but it could be downloaded, which implies it could go away entirely at some point. However it has not, and Autodesk still bundles VBA with its other flagship product Inventor, which is a 3D modeler, and is sold as a package with Autocad.  Naturally requiring a download is a tremendous dis-incentive. Anyone programming wants the program to run on other people’s machines without downloading a 100 meg file.  But it turns out the download is not required to run VBA in autocad, the download is only for the code development interface. the VBA objects are there waiting to be used and Excel can be used as a programming interface to Autocad, which is nearly a perfect combination. Excel is the Bill of Material that Autocad always needed.

The first project i am going to try to document is an equation grapher, an Autocad graphing calculator. This is an open-ended project, but i will do quadratics, trig, exponential and polar graphing. i have not actually done polar graphing yet, so we will see how that goes. the other basics, parabolas etc, were somewhat easier than i thought they might be.

The main challenge right now might be to master the format and wordpress.



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