Nihilism is the first stage of grieving after the death of God.


Nihilism is the first stage of grieving after the death of God.  The emotional part of losing “my faith” I remember is thinking, who or what is going to protect me from Evil. the belief in Evil outlasts the belief in Good. That might be where America is as a culture, past believing in Good and protecting itself with lots of big guns.

The belief in Evil is built in to christianity, but also in Buddhism. All is maya, life is suffering, the only sensible path is to try to get out – what a horrible philosophy for living a physical life.  scientific materialism does not offer any hope.  There is scarcely any meaning to a chance universe, the mind is unreliable, witness all the superstitions, and if you look within yourself for answers, basically you confront a subconscious hiding a billion years of throat-cutting.

These are the alternative thought camps presented and this is why we are in some turbulence.  we dont have a decent philosophy to build the future.

Dont be afraid to go through the stages of grief after losing faith. what you believe after you believe nothing is truly your own, not handed down, made with your own considerable faculties. the truth is reasssuring.


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